Sunriver Resort offers guestrooms and suites. Choose from our two distinct resort communities...


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    Contemporary Northwest design. Lodge Village rooms are conveniently situated North of the Main Lodge, closer to The Cove Pool, with sweeping views of grasslands, ponds, Meadow's Golf Course and glorious Mt. Bachelor.
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    Traditional Northwest design. River Lodge rooms are conveniently situated South of the Main Lodge, closer in proximity to the Great Hall and Heritage buildings, with sweeping views of Meadow's Golf Course, the lazy Sun River and Cascade Mountain Range.
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    Sunriver Property Management offers everything from condos for two, to large luxury rentals that can sleep up to 16. Choose from our distinct rental communities below...


    Preview all rental communities: Sunriver, Caldera Springs and Osprey at Crosswater.
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    Sunriver Vacation Rentals are ideal accommodation options for families and groups alike. Choose from a variety of homes and condominiums — sure to meet every need. Enjoy easy access to over 40 miles of paved trails for biking, running and walking, 2 public golf courses, the Marina, the Stables and more...
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    Whether you need multiple bedrooms and a kitchen to entertain, or just a bed to lay your head, Caldera Springs can accommodate. All homes at Caldera Springs boast Luxury ratings. They feature exquisite interiors, versatility, and class while offering beautiful surroundings and access to unique amenities.
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    Woven into 600 magnificent acres are a limited number of spacious Osprey homes, and a select few are available for you to rent for your next Sunriver vacation. Gently meandering rivers, spectacular mountain views, expansive open meadows, an award-winning golf course, and 200 acres of pristine open space.
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Sunriver Indoor Golf Simulator

Closed for the season | 541- 593-7850

Sunriver Resort is equipped with a state-of-the-art indoor Golf Simulator by Foresight Sports - GC Quad launch monitor and FSX software. This offers the best real-life golf with the comfort of being indoors. Choose from a variety of courses, including Sunriver's very own; Crosswater, Meadows, Woodlands & Caldera Links. Also available are driving-range settings, interactive carnival games (fun for kids AND adults), skills challenges, closest to the pin, long drive, etc.

Enjoy a round or interactive game with family and friends while lounging in our newly decorated simulator room.

Keep your golf swing active throughout the winter season. Improve your game, taking advantage of all the valuable data and skills challenges the indoor Sunriver Golf Simulator provides. Whatever your motivation is, we’ve got it here.

Golf Simulator Waiver
Fill out upon arrival, or print and bring with you.


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    $30 per half-hour
    Cost is based on time, so bring your friends and/or family for no extra cost. Below are estimated times based on number of players:
    9 Holes: 1 Player = 30 min | 2 Players = 1 hour | 3 Players = 1.5 hours | 4 Players = 2 hours
    18 Holes: 1 Player = 1 hour | 2 Players = 2 hours | 3 Players = 3 hours | 4 Players = 4 hours

    We recommend you bring your own golf clubs; however a set of clubs may be supplied for you if needed. We have PXG rental clubs available, an additional waiver must be signed if used, at no additional cost. (maximum 4 players, maximum 8 persons in the room)


    All golf lessons are taught by Sunriver Resort’s “Class A” PGA Professionals
    To schedule a lesson contact Kevin at 541-639-5825 (call or text or email)
    Lesson with Kevin Erdman $70 per half-hour | $140 per hour
    Lesson with PGA Instruction Team $60 per half-hour | $120 per hour

    (simulator fee included in cost)

    For more information, extended hours request, private events or to book a golf lesson, contact:
    Kevin Erdman
    PGA Director of Instruction


    Book the Sunriver Golf Simulator for your next Birthday Party, Family Reunion, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Anniversary, New Years Party, Sporting Event Party & more. Food and Beverage options are available. To book a private event using the Sunriver Golf Simulator, please contact PGA Director of Instruction Kevin Erdman at Office: 541- 639-5825 or email.


    All participants must agree and sign a Sunriver Golf Simulator Liability Waiver before use of the Golf Simulator.

    Attend a brief orientation prior to use of the Sunriver Golf Simulator. The attendant on duty will turn the simulator on and give a brief orientation about navigating through the course, programs and other features.

    Players are responsible for completing session in the time purchased, being courteous to those whom have a reservation after.

    Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the attendant on duty will be cause for dismissal from the Sunriver Simulator room with no refund.

    Four (4) players are allowed to play per session and eight (8) people maximum in the simulator room at a time.

    All players must only hit shots off the mat.

    Only one player at a time on the mat, in the swing area.

    Players are responsible for the safety of others around them and should always check their surroundings before swinging.

    Proper shoes must always be worn (no high heels, open toed shoes, or sandals).

    No outside food or beverages permitted.

    Lob wedges are NOT permitted for use with the Golf Simulator.

    If the simulator or any equipment is not functioning correctly, immediately notify the attendant on duty.

    Immediately report any injuries to the attendant on duty.

    Children under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult.

    NOTE: In some occasions players may have a golf swing that causes the golf club to hit the ceiling, be sure to check your swing and make sure it doesn’t hit the ceiling. This is for the safety of you and others in the room and to prevent damage to the club(s) and facility. The ceiling is 9 feet 9 inches tall. If your golf club does hit the ceiling while you swing, simply use a shorter club.

    Learn more about Foresight Sports, the GC Quad, and the FSX Software


    The GC Quad is the world’s most accurate, versatile, and complete launch monitor on the market. As the only launch monitor in the industry to utilize Quadrascopic imaging, the GC Quad delivers the most accurate detailed picture of ball and club head performance analysis. With repeatable and reliable data indoors and out, the GC Quad is a three-time Golf Digest Editors’ Choice Award Winner for a reason.

    GC Quad measuring data:

    Ball Speed

    Horizontal and Vertical Launch Angles


    Side Spin

    Carry Distance

    Club Head Speed

    Smash Factor

    Angle of Attack

    Club Path

    Loft at Impact

    Lie and Face Angle at Impact

    Impact Location on the Club Face


    Can I bring my own clubs?
    Yes, we encourage players to bring their own clubs.

    Do I use your golf balls, or can I bring my own?
    We provide golf balls, but if you want to hit your own you may. We are not responsible if your golf balls are damaged.

    Can I use my own tees?
    Yes, but we do provide some.

    Do you have rental clubs?
    We have PXG rental clubs available at no additional cost if you are unable to bring your own. There is an additional wavier to be signed and you are responsible for any damages to the rental clubs.

    How long does it take to play 9 or 18-Holes?
    9 Holes: 1 Player = 30 min | 2 Players = 1 hour | 3 Players = 1.5 hours | 4 Players = 2 hours
    18 Holes: 1 Player = 1 hour | 2 Players = 2 hours | 3 Players = 3 hours | 4 Players = 4 hours

    How many players can play at one time?
    4 players

    Is there food and beverages available?
    Yes, you may order food from the “Twisted River Tavern” which is located directly upstairs. There are also snacks, candy, and beverages available in the Gift Shop.

    How do I make a reservation?
    Call or stop by the Sunriver Resort Merchant Trader Gift Shop - located in the main lodge: 541-593-7850.

    Is there a Dress Code?
    No, however we advise you wear comfy clothes you can easily swing a golf club in. Read next question about footwear.

    What type of footwear should I wear?
    Golf shoes, Tennis shoes, and a variety of flat bottom shoes. All shoes should have clean soles, please. No high heels, open toed shoes, or sandals.

    Can children use the Golf Simulator?
    Yes, but children under the age of 18 years of age must always be accompanied by an adult.

    Where is The Sunriver Golf Academy Simulator located?
    It’s located downstairs in the back of the Sunriver Resort Main Lodge, adjacent to the Gift Shop.


    In the unfortunate event you must cancel your reservation, we have the following policy in place to be effective and reasonable to all customers. 24-hour advance notice is required when cancelling a reservation. This allows the opportunity for someone else to book a reservation in that time slot. If you are unable to give us 24-hour advance notice you will be charged the full amount for your scheduled time.

RESERVATIONS: 541- 593-7850
Located at the Merchant Trader, in the Lower Level of The Lodge