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Snowshoe & Bonfires

by Wanderlust Tours

Wanderlust Tours | 61535 S. Hwy. 97 Suite 13, Bend, OR 97702 |  info@WanderlustTours.com(541) 389-8359

Nothing inspires wanderlust like the winter wonderland of Bend, Oregon! Whether you're interested in snowshoeing through an old-growth forest, playing under the stars, or sipping delicious local drinks, we've got you and your family covered with the best winter activities! 

Available November - April.

Daytime Adventure Snowshoe Tours
The mountains which build Bend’s backdrop typically get hammered with 400-600 inches of fluffy snow in winter. Most importantly, this frozen substance provides life for all things on earth, but it also provides an extraordinary chance to view how nature reacts and adapts to winter months. What is the single best way to observe nature in winter? - strapping snowshoes to your feet. Animals have adapted to the deep snow and it’s the best time of year to follow tracks of pine martens and fox while we make tracks too. Stunning fun awaits your experience and our guides will inspire you with the understanding you may have never considered. Available November - April


Shoes, Brews & Views
Shoes, Brews and Views says it all - snowshoe to a serene spot, sip suds in true Bend fashion and wonder at inspiring views while at it! This is the Bend lifestyle in which our tour will fill your spirit and mind. Following animal tracks, eating some lichens and running downhill in playful powder demands tasty libations as a reward - whether a locally crafted hopped beverage or root beer for the kids, it all goes down well in the forest surrounded by visually splendid peaks. And get this connection, the no-impact nature of our snowshoe tour produces no adverse effect on what becomes the water for the beer you drink during this experience. Baby, that’s goodness! 


Bonfire Snowshoe Tours
Kicking through the snow-laden forest after the fall of darkness, our nose will, in part, lead us to a Michaelangelo-esque creation- an amazing snow-built amphitheater. When the whiff of pine hits our nostrils, anticipation will grow for a taste of delectable desserts and hazelnut espresso vodka-laced hot cocoa. Our naturalist guides will point out planets, stars and constellations as we relax in the glow of the fire. The hushed ambiance of the forest will stir your soul. The magic of this wholly unique experience will remain instilled within you forever!


Moonlight & Starlight Snowshoe Tours
To be sure, trappers in the 1800s plied forests, lakes and rivers across all of North America on snowshoes, long out-pacing Wanderlust’s gift of sharing this with our guests. However, we did pioneer making this fun event to understand winter forest ecosystems without having to carry 90 pounds of fur along with you! Our incredible guide may share the history of trapping on snowshoes or the invention of snowshoeing by Native Americans. Without a doubt, though, the play of light at night on the snow will leave you inspired. The hushed ambiance of the forest will still your soul. The panoply of stars will remain in your memory!